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We are honored to host the 2021 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2021) in Prague, Czech Republic.

Thanks to its location, IROS 2021 becomes a truly historical event and represents the first-ever conference held in a Central European country and, more remarkably, in the country that introduced the word “robot” to the world.

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic located in the heart of Europe, offers a variety of cultural, historical, and architectural opportunities, as well as abundant heritage from medieval times. Prague and the whole country is a fast-developing region that aims at novel technologies, cutting-edge research, and education. Advanced robotics with its applications in industry and other areas is one of the pillars of the Czech society. Academia and the hi-tech industry work together on novel technologies for human-robot partnership, autonomous and intelligent systems, and many other fields related to present and future robotic solutions.

The forthcoming IROS 2021 conference aims at creating opportunities to meet, discuss, and become familiar with the most recent advances in the field of robotics, autonomous and intelligent systems, human-compliant robots, medical robotics, and many more. IROS 2021, as ever before, will include a large robotic exhibition as an essential part of the event.

The event is to be held at the new O2 Universum convention center located at the edge of the historic center of Prague. An ideal place to gather new findings an d ideas, discuss across the robotic community, while having an opportunity to enjoy comfortable historical and cultural places, or local cuisine just around the corner.

We do hope that the current situation with COVID-19 will come under control and will not substantially affect IROS 2021. Currently, the event is designed as an in-person meeting with extensions providing new hybrid features. At the same time, we are carefully observing and evaluating the situation to indicate any needs to adjust IROS 2021 to current conditions.

We cordially invite you to come and enjoy the very special location of a flagship robotic conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

Welcome to IROS 2021, welcome back home!

Libor Přeučil
IROS 2021 General Chair



2021 / 03 /01

Dear IROS contributors, please note, the extension of deadline for paper submissions to March 5, 2021 comprises also upload of all multimedia attachments.


2021 / 03 /01

Authors of a paper that has just been rejected by ICRA 2021 can provide, optionally, review info of the (possibly revised) resubmission. More information at the page Call for papers .


2021 / 02 /28

Dear IROS contributors, please note that the deadline for papers submission has been extended to March 5, 2021.


2021 / 01 /28

Are you interested in IROS 2021? Select the Call and submit your proposal. List of Calls available here .  

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