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Call for Forums

IROS 2021 is willing to host several Special / Cutting Edge Forums in order to exchange innovative ideas, points of view and discuss issues around different approaches on robotics and related fields.

We are particularly interested in Special Forums that discuss non-technical societal issues of robotics such as robotic society, robo-ethics, new jobs and employment, national/regional policies, regulations, citizens, culture, etc.

We are particularly interested in Cutting Edge Forums that discuss focused technical issues of intelligent robots and systems.

Proposals must be submitted via Paper Plaza  and the following points addressed:

  • A proposed title for the Forum.
  • A brief 3-4 paragraph summary for the Forum explaining the goal and the themes to be discussed.
  • A proposed format for the e Forum (time, presenters…).

A list of presenters with names, affiliation, a short biography and topic.

A Microsoft Word Template is available for preparation of your proposal. Upon acceptance, the organizers will be required to provide an abstract and a dedicated website for their forums.

Potential Forum Organizers are invited to email the Program Chair (PC) (R.Babuska@tudelft.nl), ideally no later than early February 2021. The email would motivate the needs and goals for the Forum and potential speakers and expected attendance. This would help assess if a full Forum proposal should be submitted in PaperPlaza.

Proposals with significant overlap will possibly be merged.


All deadlines are 23:59 PST
February 10, 2021: Deadline for submissions of Forums proposals
March 1, 2021: Notification of acceptance
September 28 – September 30, 2021: Conference days

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