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Call for Tutorials

We cordially invite the robotics community to submit proposals for tutorials at IROS 2021. Organizers are welcome to submit proposals for either a full-day or half-day tutorial. The tutorials will be held before and immediately after the main conference.

Tutorials should focus on presenting principles, tools or methods associated with an established research field; with the goal of disseminating knowledge to a general audience. Tutorial proposals should identify proposed mechanisms for content delivery and identify how the proposed tutorial will promote the knowledge exchange function of IROS. We particularly welcome tutorial proposals that illustrate how the tutorial will be organized to increase the number of active participants, enhance effective communications between established experts and early-career researchers, promote comprehensive discussion in the research area, and establish useful links to fields outside of robotics.

Proposals must be submitted via PaperPlaza  and must address these points:

  • Title of the tutorial
  • Organizers (Name, affiliation, and email addresses of presenters)
  • Suggested Duration (half-day or full-day)
  • Goal of the tutorial (1-2 paragraphs): Who is the target audience? What makes your topic relevant and innovative? Explain the added value for the participants?
  • Tutorial outline (1 paragraph): A short abstract of the tutorial content.
  • History: List of previous venues and approximate audience sizes, if the same or a similar tutorial has been given elsewhere.
  • Estimated number of participants: Please estimate the audience size (large audience is not always preferable).
  • Prerequisite knowledge (1 paragraph): What knowledge is assumed of the target audience.
  • Content (as many paragraphs as needed): Detailed outline of the tutorial.
  • (Optional) Supplementary materials: List of supplemental materials augmented with samples, such as past tutorial slides and survey articles, whenever possible. Be as complete as possible.
  • CVs of presenters: A short CV (1-2 pages) for each presenter that includes their name, affiliation, current position (e.g., Ph.D. student, Postdoc, Professor, Researcher, etc.), email address. The CVs should also describe their background in the tutorial area, including a list of relevant publications and/or presentations; any available examples of work in the area (ideally, a published tutorial-level article or presentation materials on the subject); evidence of teaching experience (courses taught or references); and evidence of scholarship in robotics.
  • Special requests (equipment or other issues)

A Microsoft Word Template  is available to help you structure the proposal.  Accepted proposals will be asked to provide an abstract and a dedicated website for their event.

For any questions regarding the IROS 2021 tutorials, please email tutorialsiros2021@guarant.cz.


All deadlines are 23:59 PST
March 28, 2021: Deadline for submission of Tutorial proposals
May 2, 2021: Notification of acceptance
September 27 and October 1, 2021: Tutorials

IROS 2021 Tutorial Chairs

Roman Barták, Charles University, CZ
Mini C. Saaj, The University of Lincoln, UK – Managing Chair
Cristian-Ioan Vasile, Lehigh University, USA

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