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Robotics competitions provide an ideal opportunity to learn from others, network with teams, and improve your skills, especially thanks to the diversity and different perspectives team members bring. Robotics competitions are a scenario which help teams solve real world challenges in a short time period and also drive innovation, as continuing developments are crucial to advancing robotics. IROS 2021 includes a number of competitions, offering a range of exciting challenges to teams taking part, some of which are hybrid between virtual and live. Researchers from various fields will have an opportunity to integrate their contributions into different robots depending on the challenge they choose.

List of Competitions

  1. RAMI (Robotics for Asset Maintenance and Inspection) (Chair: Antidio Viguria)
  2. F1Tenth(Chair: Michal Sojka (ČVUT), Co-chair: Johannes Betz (UPenn)
  3. RSJ Virtual Challenge for Students(Chairs: Carlos Balaguer and Minoru Asada)
  4. ERL Smart City “Coffee Shop” Episode(Chair: Pedro Lima; Co-Chair: Roberto Capobianco) [cancelled]
  5. Mobile (Bi)Manipulator Hackathon(Chair: Carlos Vivas) [cancelled]
  6. Roadside Assistance (Chair: David Obdrzalek)[cancelled]
  7. Robotic Grasping and Manipulation Competition(Chair: Yu Sun)[replaced by forum]

Live streams

Competition Live stream
RAMI (Robotics for Asset Maintenance and Inspection)
RSJ Virtual Challenge for Students 

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