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ERL (European Robotics League) Smart City “Coffee Shop” [cancelled]

IROS 2021 ERL (European Robotics League) Smart City “Coffee Shop” competition will be based on the Episode 01 of the ERL Smart City Challenge, to be held in Bologna,  6-11 Sep 2021, under the auspices of the EU H2020 project SciRoc. We have plans and rules for a simulated version and for a real robot version, which will take place depending on sanitary conditions and level of team participation. The latter will use PAL Robotics TIAGo robot, available from a remote location common to all teams (where PAL Robotics staff will be) and streamed live. This competition is open to participating teams from any country worldwide. Target participants are teams composed of a (variable) mix of faculty, post-doctoral researchers, PhD and MSc students, from research groups working on service robots that interact with people at home to help them in their daily chores.

The goal of the simulation version is to allow for the development of the whole architecture. Main functionalities, such as Person and Object perception, are simplified by the simulation setup. Other functionalities needed are navigation and, optionally, Spoken Language to interact with customers. In the case of spoken language, the Spoken Language interpretation is up to the team, while the text-to-speech is provided by the TIAGo voice. The simulation environment can be regarded as a starting basis for the development of the real robot system.

The main functionalities of the real robot version are person and object perception and sign language interpretation and generation. In addition, other functionalities that are needed are Navigation, Spoken Language to interact with customers.

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Decision on selected teams: 21 June 2021

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