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F1Tenth – 9th F1TENTH Autonomous Grand Prix

F1TENTH Autonomous Racing is a semi-regular competition organized by an international community of researchers, engineers, and autonomous systems enthusiasts. The teams participating in 9th F1TENTH Grand Prix at IROS 2021 will build a 1:10 scaled autonomous race car according to a given specification and write software for it to fulfill the objectives for the competition: Don’t crash and minimize laptime.

IROS 2021 will host two variants of the competition:

  1. In-person competition: This variant targets primarily EU participants who will travel to Prague. Each team will bring their own physical F1TENTH car with their software. The organizers provide the race setup (rules, submissions, guidelines), the track, related infrastructure and organize the race itself.
  2. Virtual competition: This will be a second option for people who could not travel to Prague (perhaps due to COVID-related reasons). In the virtual competition a simulation environment is used to run virtual race cars. The teams will provide here only the software, the organizers provide the race setup (rules, submissions, guidelines), the virtual track, related virtual infrastructure (server) and organize the race itself.

How to participate

For both competitions, teams first take part in a qualification in order to determine seeding. The teams need to demonstrate that they are able to compete in a time trial on the map without any obstacles as well as finish the laps without collision in the same map with obstacles that are unknown prior to run time. Afterwards the teams compete in a knockout-phase in head-to-head racing in an intense battle with their autonomous driving algorithms. Since vehicles and hardware are standardized, teams must develop robust perception, planning, and control algorithms that can deal with the uncertainties of a new track and new competitors. The Grand Prix phase pits competitors against each other on the same track.

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Important Dates

Team Registration: 31 July, 2021

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