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European Commission and Stakeholders partnering towards IROS « Intelligent Robots and Systems»: be part of it! 

AI, data and Robotics lie at the heart of science and technology policy in Europe. The EC, together with Academia and Industry are establishing the AI, Data and Robotics Partnership represented by ADRA, the AI, Data and Robotics Association, to co-invest €2.6Bn in AI, Data and Robotics between now and 2030.

How will this work and how can you get involved both to help shape policy, shape European research, development and deployment strategy, and to take part in the technology developments needed?

Join this session to learn more about it and bring your contribution!

Agenda: October 1st – [10:00 – 12:00]

Chair – Rich Walker, ADRA & euRobotics Director, Rich Walker, Managing Director Shadow Robot

Opening and Introduction

European Commission – Cécile Huet, Acting Head of Unit « Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Excellence »

EC strategy for AI, Data and Robotics, and the role of the PPP.

ADRA President – Marina Bill, Global Head of Marketing and Sales for ABB Robotics and Discrete Automation (tbc)

What are the opportunities for AI, Data, Robotics globally and what must we do to seize them?

ADRA Vice-President & euRobotics Vice-President – Stefano Stramigioli, Professor Advanced Robotics at the University of Twente (tbc)

What role does ADRA play in this? How does it relate to euRobotics? Adra development and organisation. What is the new PPP for?

Executive Director euRobotics & Roadmap expert – David Bisset, iTechnic (tbc)

How does the technology part work? How do we generate a unified technology push from the market pull to make sure we address the opportunities? How do the audience take part in this?

Chair – Conclusion of the introduction and kick of the panel discussion

Panel (EC, ADRA & euRobotics key representatives)

Q&A session – interaction with the audience.

Chair – Conclusions and Key take-home messages

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