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The online conference platform is open. Please activate your account first. The platform is available at


These instructions apply to contributed papers. For information regarding workshops, please follow the instructions for workshop contributions.

All registered authors presenting a paper are asked to prepare:

  1. A pre-recorded video presentation (max. 15 min, max. 200 MB, MP4 format); the audience will watch this video presentation “on demand” in advance and it will be accessible also after the conference. The presentation design and layout are free, use your preferred design.

  2. Slides (3-4 slides for a 2-min talk, PPTX/PDF format); for the spotlight presentation given live during the conference. You can use your own style and design.

Each registered paper will be assigned a 6-minute slot in the conference program. The live session of 2 + 4 minutes is dedicated to direct interaction with the audience in the form of a live spotlight presentation briefly summarizing the results (2 minutes) and questions and answers (4 minutes). The questions will be collected before and during the live presentation.

When preparing the spotlight presentation (PPTX or PDF format), please adjust the number of slides to the 2-minute duration (we recommend preparing no more than 3–4 slides). Please note that if you want to have a video embedded in the spotlight presentation, you are limited to the PPTX format as embedding videos in PDFs is not supported.

The pre-recorded video presentation and the spotlight presentation slides shall be submitted via the gCon platform. The pre-recorded video has to be uploaded until September 5, 2021, 23:59 PST and the spotlight presentation slides are due on September 12, 2021, 23:59 PST. After the deadline, all the videos and slides will be checked and tested by the gCon technical support and in case of any problems, you will be contacted and asked for cooperation. Please note that the spotlight presentation slides cannot be modified after the deadline. We recommend preparing your video and presentation in advance and uploading it early to avoid any problems during the rush final hours.

No-Show Policy

Even though IROS 2021 is organized on-line, it is still a live conference that depends on the presentations given during the sessions, and discussion after the talks. Authors who fail to present their paper leave a gap in the program, which is unacceptable for the conference audience.

IEEE has implemented policies to exclude authors who do not present their paper from further distribution of their publication, such as exclusion from IEEE Xplore. Such papers will be archived at IEEE but will not be indexed or appear in IEEE Xplore.

IROS 2021 balances the interests of a high quality conference with fairness towards the authors and audience. Therefore, IROS 2021 applies this policy and reserves the right to preclude authors who do not present their papers at the conference from having their papers published in IEEE Xplore.

For each accepted paper, one author is required to register (Registration with paper) and present the paper in the assigned session.

If the authors have, or anticipate, circumstances endangering or preventing their presentation, the Conference Secretariat has to be contacted at

How to Prepare Your Pre-Recorded Video for Upload

  1. Please adhere to these guidelines:

    • Video format: MP4. Please do not try to upload PowerPoint or PDF files.

    • Duration: 15 minutes maximum.

    • File size: 200 MB maximum (may require you to compress your video before uploading).

    • Minimum Height: 480 pixels.

    • Prefered Aspect Ratio: 16:9.

    • A bit rate of < 1 Mbps is recommended to ensure optimal playback experience for the users.

  2. Please note the above specifications will be checked after submission and files not meeting them will be requested to be re-uploaded. The corresponding author can log in to their workspace and follow the link to upload (or re-upload) the pre-recorded video until the deadline.
  3. Except for the above duration and format constraints, the form of the presentation is left free. Please be mindful that the viewers expect information and not perfection. At the minimum, please be sure the video includes the title of the paper, the authors, and a reference to IROS 2021. Subtitles (in VTT or SRT format) are warmly welcome as they increase the accessibility of your talk.

  4. Please start early: preparing your pre-recorded video and spotlight presentation slides can be time-demanding.

For additional tips please visit Pre-Recorded Video Preparation Tips.


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