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The Mobile Manipulation Hackathon [cancelled]

The Mobile Manipulation Hackathon is a challenge-led robotics competition that gives participants the opportunity to demonstrate their applications at the IROS 2021 Conference live in Prague between September 27th and October 1st 2021. The hackathon will provide an opportunity to IROS participants to experiment with a bimanual mobile manipulation system, to showcase their particular research, and demonstrate the maturity of the field to the community at large. Mobile manipulation is gaining traction in recent years, with potential applications that require complex manipulation tasks as well as perception, navigation, and HRI. The competition is open to any Academic, Research or Industrial Organization interested in mobile manipulation. With this hackathon, researchers from these different fields will have an opportunity to integrate their contributions into 100% ROS based simulation of TIAGo and TIAGo++.

Six finalist teams will demonstrate their applications. In the final, prizes will be awarded for the first three places. PAL Robotics will offer the finalists up to one week of training, integration, and testing of their solution on the TIAGo robots at PAL Robotics’ offices in Barcelona. 

Participants will be able to extend the capabilities of TIAGo and TIAGo++, provided with out-of-the-shelf capabilities for navigation, motion planning, perception and HRI, by integrating their contributions. The participants will be able to integrate their contributions first in simulation, which will later be implemented on the real robot with the support of PAL researchers and engineers.

To participate in the challenge, visit:

How to participate

The first step is submitting an application that will be evaluated by the advisory committee who will inform you about your qualification for the MMH at IROS 2021. This should consist of a document (max. 5 pages) supported by videos, simulations and/or technical documents explaining the use case / approach/ technology used.
Submit your entry at

The last step is the competition for the Mobile Manipulation Hackathon during IROS 2021. This will be the opportunity to show the progress made by the teams in a real environment and the Advisory committee will evaluate the demos performed during IROS 2021.

Important dates

Team registration: By 16 July 2021
Notification of acceptance: 26 July 2021
Competition: 27 September – 1 October 2021

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