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Conference is already over ...


The conference format will be fully On-line.
The conference will be held on virtual platform – gCon.

About gCon

The gCon conference system makes working with digital content easier for all of its users. It will improve organisational efforts, and will make information transmission more effective and communication with attendees simpler.

For active participants

  • Presenting his lecture even in absentia
  • Possibility to moderate the whole section remotely

For passive participants

  • Remote viewing of selected presentations
  • Allows interaction from the hall as in a normal action
  • Waiver of participation fee in the event of a sudden obstacle to participation

Virtual speaker preview room

  • It provides fully automated test speaker connection with virtual hall
  • Possibility to use on-line connection with a technician in a virtual preview room
  • After visiting the virtual preview room, the participant is assured of successful connection during the presentation or chairmanship

Remote speaker

  • Easy and intuitive interface for video and audio sharing
  • Start sharing presentation online by the chair
  • Possibility to integrate image from webcam into presentation area
  •  Two-way communication from the hall with the chair or audience

Remote chair

  • Simple audio sharing interface
  • It mediates participation in her session
  • Possible combination of present and remote chairs
  • Watching a preview of an ongoing presentation online
  • Ability to comment on current events in the session

Remote viewer

  • Well-arranged list of halls with previews with current events
  • Watching selected presentations in full screen
  • Adding additional information to the stream
  • Full-featured interaction with the entire hall 

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