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The online conference platform is open. Please activate your account first. The platform is available at


Each workshop is assigned a two-hour window in the online conference system gCon. These two hours can be split into different types of sessions (e.g., spotlight talks, interactive poster sessions, panel discussions) to best fit the needs of the workshop. Please follow the instructions on uploading your contribution to the gCon system according to your type of contribution.



The timeline for uploading workshop contributions to gCon is individual for each workshop, however, the file upload deadlines are common for everyone (see below). The workshop organizers are required to set up the workshop schedule (session types) until July 31 at the latest, following the instructions sent to them by e-mail. Once the detailed workshop program including all contributors’ e-mail addresses is provided by the workshop organizers (August 25 at the latest, but an earlier date is much preferred), it will be entered into gCon. Consequently, registered workshop contributors will be given access to submit their contributions. Depending on when the detailed workshop program will be supplied, the submission window will open. The submission window closes on the following dates:

  1. On-demand materials such as pre-recorded videos, posters, and papers have to be uploaded to gCon until September 5, 2021, 23:59 PST. Once you upload your materials, they will be immediately accessible to other participants. Therefore, we recommend uploading your materials as soon as possible.
  2. Slides for the live talks have to be uploaded to gCon until September 12, 2021, 23:59 PST. We recommend preparing your presentation in advance and uploading it early to avoid any issues during the last hours before the deadline.

To gain access to gCon, you need to register for Workshops & Tutorials. Please note that all workshop contributors, regardless of their role in the workshop, need to register. To ensure smooth pairing of your registration and your upload access in gCon, please make sure to enter the same e-mail address in the registration form as the one that you provided to the organizers of your workshop.


How to Prepare Your Contribution

Live presentation

The slides for your live presentation have to be prepared in advance and uploaded to the gCon system. The supported formats are PPTX and PDF. Alternatively, you can also upload your live presentation as a video in MP4 format. The file size limit is 200 MB.

After the deadline, all the videos and slides will be checked and tested by the gCon technical support and in case of any problems, you will be contacted and asked for cooperation. Please note that the live presentation slides cannot be modified after the deadline.

During the live session, your uploaded presentation will appear in the live stream and you will be able to control it. The questions from the audience will be collected before and during the live presentation.


Pre-recorded video

Please prepare your pre-recorded video according to the following requirements:

  • Video format: MP4. Please do not try to upload PowerPoint or PDF files.
  • File size: 200 MB maximum (may require to compress your video before uploading).
  • Minimum height: 480 pixels.
  • Preferred aspect ratio: 16:9.
  • A bit rate of < 1 Mbps is recommended to ensure an optimal playback experience.

Please note the above specifications will be checked after submission to gCon and files not meeting them will be requested to be re-uploaded. The contributor can log in to their workspace and follow the link to upload (or re-upload) the pre-recorded video until the deadline.

Except for the above format constraints, the form of the video is left free. Subtitles (in VTT or SRT format) are warmly welcome as they increase the accessibility of your talk.

The pre-recorded video presentation will be available on-demand before, during, and after the conference to all participants registered for the Workshops & Tutorials. A discussion for each pre-recorded video is open throughout the on-demand access. It allows a textual communication of the author and other participants in discussion threads.

More details can be found in the pre-recorded video preparation tips.



Please prepare a single-page poster in PDF and upload it to gCon. Posters will be available on-demand, with an optional live session (depending on your workshop). Similarly as for the pre-recorded videos, a textual discussion is available for each poster throughout the on-demand access. If the poster will be presented in a live session, the presentation form is very similar to other videoconference tools: the author will be able to share the screen and interactively communicate with other participants in the assigned time window through an audiovisual channel.

Step-by-step instructions on how to upload each file to gCon will be added to this page once the conference program is set up (mid-August), i.e., once gCon will be accessible to the conference participants.


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